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About VA-CON

Service and Technology

VA-CON possess a workshop facility where we can assemble, test, calibrate, service and repair most makes of Actuators and Quarter-turn Valves. No item /product ordered, leaves our premises without first being thoroughly checked and tested. In addition, we have on CD a Valve / Actuator Torque Sizing Data Programme for most Quarter-turn Valves manufactured in the world today. Given the correct operating parameters, accurate actuator sizing can be done at the click of a mouse. Allied to the Sizing Program above, we also have an extensive Chemical Compatibility Program which enables us to choose the correct body and seal materials for valves in even the most difficult process applications In order to adequately service our customers, both Emerson in Johannesburg and VA-CON (Pty) Ltd in Durban carry a substantial stock-holding of commonly used products.

Our History

VA-CON (Pty) Ltd was established in July of 1994 to be the Kwa-Zulu Natal Agents for the El-o-Matic range of products. El-o-Matic worldwide had been manufacturing Valve Automation Systems and Accessories since 1972.
Following El-o-Matics' acquisition by Emerson Process Management (a division of Emerson Electric Co) in 1995, it is now the world's largest manufacturer of Quarter-turn Actuators and Accessories.
In 2001 Emerson Electric Co announced the formation of the Valve Automation Division of Emerson Process Management – a division which consolidated a vast array of Valve Automation Products and Services. This brought together such industry leaders as El-o-Matic International, Bettis Actuators and Controls (and Bettis' subsidiary Hytork International), Shafer Valve Operating Systems as well as Dantorque Actuation. El-o-Matic's main production facility is in NelaiMalaysia. The South African operation is based in Modderfontein, Johannesburg.Va-con (Pty) Ltd has continued to successfully market the products throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal for the past 20 years.
Pentair / Tyco Valves & Controls Tyco Valves & Controls is the largest valve manufacture in the world today,a Global network bringing together the Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales of the most comprehensive range of Industrial Flow Control Products in the world.This includes a full line of industrial valves & control products, buttery, gate, globe, check, ball, plug, safety relief, knife gate, sampling and other valves as well as actuators, positioners and related products, heat tracing products and thermal control systems for Industrial and Commercial Markets

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