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VA-CONS Uni-Lock Lockout Device

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In 2012 a Safety Lockout Device was designed for the sugar Industry. A Design and invention Patent was applied for and was successfully granted in South Africa in July 2014. A PCT has been lodged internationally. The system's design was reviewed by the technical staff of the Illovo Sugar Group who also sent same to an independent third party for design appraisal. As a result of the design confirmation and the physical testing the Lockout System has been approved to be marketed to the Illovo Group.

The VA-CON UNI-LOCK relates to a lockout device, particularly to a valve lockout device. Mechanical lockout devices are often used in various industries to lock a device in either an operative actuated condition or a non-actuated condition. In the case of valves, mechanical valve lockout devices are operatively used to lock manually the valve to a non-actuated closed condition or position so that the valve cannot be operated remotely, inadvertently causing injury to someone working downstream of the valve.

To this end, valve lockout devices are typically mechanical devices which operatively fit between actuators and the corresponding valves, and comprise one or more slots or key zones which are configured to receive associated keys which effectively lock the valves to the closed position. However, due to working environments of various installations, the slot / key areas of the valve lockout devices get congealed with dirt or product residue, so the keys then battle to fit which in turn makes locking the valve to the closed position problematic. Another problem is that some valve lockout devices cannot be operated to lock a valve in a desired position when the devices are not aligned with the valves and/or actuators.

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