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BETTIS scotch-yoke actuators

BETTIS scotch-yoke actuators are extensively used to automate quarter-turn ball, plug and butterfly valves in oil & gas and process industries. These actuators also provide a highly unique and reliable means of operating louvres, dampers and other 90 ̊rotating mechanisms, and are available in double-acting or spring-return models. Their modular construction and efficient design make BETTIS the most compact and light weight actuators compared to any other scotch-yoke actuator in the industry. The compact dimensional envelope, light weight design and reliability make BETTIS most suited for critical offshore and Emergency Shut Down applications. BETTIS actuators come with a standard 5-year warranty in addition to guaranteed torque outputs, water ingress protection, NAMUR standardization, close couple capability and overrides.

BETTIS G-Series Robotarm II actuators

  • Compact design to optimise the centre of gravity location for a lighter and smaller actuator.
  • Modular construction of BETTIS G-Series enables easy online maintenance without removal of valve from the line.
  • Field serviceable modular configuration to simplify interchangeability of the power and spring modules and the addition of manual overrides and accessories.
  • PED 97/23/EC Compliant.
  • Meets IP66 and IP67M specifications for submergence and severe high pressure water deluge test.
  • NAMUR mounting configuration for shaft driven accessories.
  • Torque Outputs (guaranteed)
  • Double-acting: 1,420 – 678,000 Nm (12,581 – 6,000,000 in-lbs) Spring-return end torques: In excess of 339,000 Nm (3,000,000 in-lbs)
  • Operating Pressures Pneumatic: 3 – 14 bar (40 – 200 psig) Hydraulic: up to 345 bar (5,000 psig)
  • Standard Operating Temperature< -29 °C to +93 °C (-20 °F to +200 °F) with optional high and low temperature trims available.

BETTIS CBB and CBA-300 Series actuators

  • Torque Outputs (guaranteed)
  • CBB double-acting: To 1,301 Nm (11,515 in-lbs) CBB spring-return end torques: To 482 Nm (4,269 in-lbs) CBA-300 double-acting: 835 – 2,333 Nm (7,388 – 20,337 in-lbs) CBA-300 spring-return end torques: 286 – 1,182 Nm (2,532 – 10,457 in-lbs)
  • Pneumatic Operating Pressures CBB: 3 – 10 bar (40-150 psig) CBA-300: 3 – 10 bar (40-150 psig)
  • Standard Operating Temperature for CBB and CBA-300 -29 °C to +93 °C (-20 °F to +200 °F) with optional high and low temperature trims available.

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