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Vanessa Triple Offset

Vanessa Triple Offset, Metal Seated, Bi-Directional Zero Leakage for Critical Service. The undisputed leader in triple offset valve technology, Vanessa offers the ultimate performance in a huge range of materials, sizes, classes, temperatures and applications. The non-rubbing triple offset design in combination with the resilient metal seal ring ensures proven zero leakage performance over the highest possible valve cycle life.

  • Torque-generated resilient metal seal ring provides zero leakage performance
  • Torque-seating action ensures continuous bi-directional, zero leakage performance
  • Quarter-turn, non-rubbing design achieved by a unique, triple offset geometry eliminates all seat-to-seal rubbing throughout the valve's 90 degree rotation.
  • All metal construction and inherently fire-safe, certified per API 607 4th Edition
  • Single-piece cast body, and Stellite hardfaced integral seat permits broader applications, longer valve life and less maintenance.
  • Standard long length hardened stainless bearings with bearing protectors provide the highest level of protection in dirty or polymeric applications.
  • Standard externally retained, blowout-proof shaft is safer to operate and provides complete compliance to API 609.
  • Standard integral position indicator on the shaft and top mounting flange ensure positive disc position identification.
  • Double-flanged model QTF adheres to the face-to-face dimensional requirements of ISO 5752.
  • Double-flanged model QTG adheres to the face-to-face dimensional requirements of ASME B16.10.
  • Single-flanged lug model QTL and wafer model QTW both adhere to the face-to-face dimensional requirements of API 609.
  • Standard carbon steel and stainless steel bills of material and many alloy bills of material are available upon request.

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