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The Shafer rotary vane actuators

The Shafer rotary vane actuators are used extensively on natural gas pipeline applications utilizing gas over oil power pressure for the actuator. The actuator’s compact design makes it ideal for platform and other tight space applications. With a concentric geometry the actuator is highly effective in high vibration applications such as slurry pipelines. The rotary vane’s high pressure construction allows for subsea applications to depths of up to 750 meters (2,460 feet) without the need for pressure compensation divides.

  • Only one moving part allows for a 50-year design life backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Double vane design will not produce any side loading forces on the valve stem or actuator bearings.
  • Balanced and constant torque is applied directly to the valve stem throughout the complete 90 ̊ rotation.
  • The rotary vane is the most efficient and compact actuator design available.
  • Torque Outputs: 113 to 677,907 Nm (1,000 to 6,000,000 in-lbs)
  • Operating Pressures: 6.9 to 206.8 bar (100 to 3,000 psig)
  • Standard Operating Temperature : -29 °C to +121 °C (-20 °F to +250 °F) Optional low temperature trims available.

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