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El-O-Matic F Series actuators

Using high quality materials and designs, these actuators reliably and efficiently operate quarter-turn mechanisms including ball, butterfly and plug valves. Applications include those with extreme temperatures and high cycles. Control options can be added to the NAMUR interfaces to further improve functionality and positioning.

  • Aluminum actuators with standard NAMUR interface and dual ISO 5211 valve flanges.
  • Excellent corrosion protection by powder coating, hardanodized high grade aluminum pinion and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Output torques range up to 4,537 Nm @ 5.5 barg (40,293 in-lbs @ 80 psig) for double-acting models and 1,958 Nm (17,333 in-lbs) spring-end for spring-return.
  • Choice of 12 actuator sizes and six spring sets for spring-return models, for cost efficient and accurate sizing.
  • Standard Operating Temperatures: -20 °C to +80 °C (-4 °F to +176 °F) Optional high or low temperature trims available.
  • Operating pressures: To 8 bar (120 psig).

FieldQ Actuator

FieldQTM has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for valve automation systems with integrated control accessories and digital communications possibilities. The introduction of FieldQ provides customers with an integrated, modular, cost-effective and intelligent pneumatic valve automation package that is suitable for:

  • Hazardous areas
  • Applications where position sensing and feedback are required
  • Applications where there is a need for bus control and communication
  • Installations requiring a small footprint

This intelligent solution is capable of meeting the tough demands of both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where reliability and high standards of performance are critical. The highest attention to quality of design and manufacture ensures that the FieldQ can withstand extremes of temperature, harsh duty, and corrosive atmospheres.
Covering the Most Popular Torque Requirements

A wide range of actuator sizes is available covering the most popular torque requirements, ranging from 40 up to 1600Nm (355 to 14100 Lbf In). Modular spring packages are available for safe maintenance and easy adjustment to a wide variety of supply pressures, while spring return versions are supplied as "On air failure Closing" or "On air failure Opening."
Flexible and Cost-effective Valve Mounting
A range of inserts is available to enable the actuator to be directly mounted to suitable valves and to eliminate the need for a bracket and coupling type mounting kit. The use of direct mounts significantly cuts the cost of the valve/actuator assembly. The standard actuators are fitted with square drive inserts in accordance with ISO 5211 or DIN3337, but a variety of other inserts are also available. Special inserts have oversize or undersize squares, with double-D or pinion key way forms. Where direct mounts are not possible -- for instance, on valves with exposed grand packing -- the use of inserts simplifies the design of the mounting kit.

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