Chemical Plant

XOMOX® XLB Lined Ball Valves

XOMOX® XLB Lined Ball Valves offer economical solutions for the vast majority of chemical applications while maintaining the highest possible degree of performance in terms of in-line leakage and fugitive emissions. The lower torque of XLB lined ball valve designs permits use of smaller actuators, allowing cost reductions and creating space saving opportunities. Our innovative "pressure assisted" SX seal device provides the highest protection from fugitive emissions. The XLB dynamic body joint design retains pressure boundary during thermal cycles.

XOMOX® XLD Lined Butterfly Valves

CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of XOMOX® XLD, a new fluoropolymer-lined process butterfly valve, to our XOMOX product offering! Among its benefits is its resistance to permeation which leads to an extension of product life and greater operator safety as it does not permit atmospheric leakage. Low torque. This results in several benefits such as smaller operators taking up less space, ease of operation and cost savings with less expensive automation packages. Live loaded stem sealing system. The benefit is atmospheric sealing integrity and no manual adjustment over the life of the valve. In addition to the XLD, we also offer our lined butterfly valve 108 LAV/WAV at PN 20.

XOMOX® Lined Plug Valves

XOMOX® 2-way and 3-way fully lined plug valves feature an encapsulated plug rotating in a fully lined body.Superior PFA lining economically handles the most corrosive fluids. Fluctuations in processing temperatures or chemical concentration also have little or no effect on our lining.

XOMOX® Lined Accessories

Tufline Lined Accessories have cast dovetail recesses and machined grooves that lock the lining to the body casting. Blow-out or lining collapse are virtually impossible. PFA is the standard lining material for all Tufline Lined Accessories. PFA is a fluoropolymer with extended temperature limits. It is a copolymer that combines the carbon-fluorine backbone of fluorocarbons with a perfluoroalkoxy side chain.

XOMOX® Lined Check Valves

Xomox lined swing check, ball check, piston check and poppet check have PFA as standard lining and uses the cast dovetail recesses and machined grooves to lock the liner to the body casting. Xomox fully-lined products are a reliable alternative to expensive alloy valves.

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