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The BHH and BHHF actuators

The BHH and BHHF actuators form a complete line of hydraulic double-acting and spring-return actuators. Compact and concentric, the proven design provides space savings and reliability. Using the multiple helical spline engagement with reciprocal splines on the piston, the high torque output is constant throughout the 90 ̊ rotations, converting hydraulic energy into rotation, with the torque output proportional to the supply pressure.Both the BHH and BHHF options can be operated in the mostsevere conditions, from high vibrations to severe environment locations, while providing a reliable valve automation solution. Easily adapted to all types of quarter-turn valves, dampers and louvres, the mounting positions are numerous, with available controls block options for direct mount modular control functions.

  • Smallest footprint to torque ratio.
  • Compact and concentric design.
  • Balanced helical design eliminates side loading on valve assembly and stem.
  • High water ingress protection – IP68.
  • Integrated "crossover" valves (double-acting)
  • Torque Outputs: 113 to 16,044 Nm (1,000 to 142,000 lb-in) at 2000 psi
  • Operating Pressures: 40 to 207 bar (580 to 3,000 psig)
  • Standard Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)

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